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Saying QED in different languages

I was wondering whether it would be easy to know how to say “QED” in whatever language I could think of… Well, it seems (not so unexpectedly after all) that Wikipedia was the right tool to use : so starting from the QED article (not the quantum electrodynamics one !) of the English Wikipedia, the language list allows to switch to the version of the same article in many other idioms ! Ever wondered how Icelanders ended their proofs ?

From this investigation it comes out that

  • in English, as you probably know, the phrase QED, for quod erat demonstrandum is used, following the tradition of Latin-speaking (or rather Latin-writing) mathematicians. I guess that people used to write mathematics in Latin for quite a long time, maybe even quite recently. It seems that many people, not only English-speaking still use it, even though it was wiped out by generalised use of LaTeX and the ∎ (U+220E) symbol.
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12 February 2009 at 1:32 am 3 comments